Learn How To Be A Strict Boss And An Effective Leader

If you are currently leading a team, you foremost goal isn’t to make a lot of friends. Instead, your top priority is the mission of your company. If you’re interested in learning about how to be a strict boss, and without creating an unhealthy environment in the process, then you should definitely keep reading.


strict bossOne of the first things that you should understand is that leaders cannot afford to be subjective. You have to hold everyone to the same set of standard and to the same set of rules and policies. If you frown on your administrative socializing outside of their normal break times, these activities should also be disallowed among upper managers.


It is additionally important to note that while you may be able to earn the respect of your employees, you cannot guarantee that these individuals are going to like you. This is the hard reality of being the boss. This remains true even if you are fun and have an amazing personality. People will still see you as an authority figure. At times, this might make maintaining personal relationship in-office a bit awkward.


It is not a good idea to hire a bunch of a close friends. When you have the ability to do this in your power, you should consider it a mistake. You want to have the right dynamic between leaders and team members and thus, you can only hire people who will be able to see you in a position of authority and act as such.


You should know that just because you want to be a strict leader, this does not mean that you have to be an angry or cruel one. It is possible to enforce your rules and policies while still remaining personable and pleasant. People should enjoy coming to their jobs. If they do not, you will be stuck with a high turnover rate and insufficient amounts of quality manpower.

You have to communicate your expectations for every role and project clearly. People cannot deliver results that meet your standards if they have not been told what these standards are. Give everyone clear instructions and make sure that you are available whenever any major questions or problems arrive.


At times, you might have to make a firing decision when someone is not working out or does not appear to respect your rules. People will be paying attention to how you handle this aspect of leadership. The decisions that you make during times like these have to be consistent for everyone and no favoritism should be shown.